Hoverboard Hover Kart Fits all Sizes 6.5″, 8″, 10″ transform Hoverboard into Go-Kart, for Kid and Adult Heavy Duty Frame (Blue)

March 8, 2019 - Comment


Anonymous says:

Fun for the whole family. This thing is AMAZING!!! Fun for the whole family. Bought for my 7 year old’s hover board and he loves it. Easy enough my 4 year old can drive it. I wish they had stuff like this when I was a kid, best part is I can use it too. It is easy to put together and simple to use. Turns well, goes fast, reverse quickly and seems stable. Seat is a little flimsy feeling I can totally see how it can crack easy. As long as you aren’t picking it up by the seat or lean back on it to hard it should be fine.

Anonymous says:

My husband won’t get off this thing! I originally bought the hover kart for my 6 year old to use. She is obsessed withour hoverboard and rides it constantly. I thought she would enjoy having a new accessory to use with it. I wasn’t expecting this to become my husband’s favorite thing. He rides the hover kart constantly always flying up and down our street like a crazy person!My husband is able to maneuver the hover kart quite well. For my 6 year old it is a little harder because the hover kart moves so fast…

Anonymous says:

This is a great addition to my daughter’s hover Board This is a great addition to my daughter’s hoverBoard. The Velcro straps are holding welL. The handles are sensitive to change of direction and turn the board in a small space. Using this device allows her to go a lot faster than standing allows because her board is pretty fast.If you are considering purchasing one of these, DO IT! We have all had a lot of fun with it.My only reason for the low rating is that the seat broke right away. We feared this after…

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